Giving a little returns a lot.

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The purpose of this page is to provide information and transparency about charity donations made by DudeCapz Beanie Store and it’s owner.


In July 2021, DudeCapz Beanie Store owner, a small businessman, David Thrift, made his first donation to The Trevor Project under his store’s name. Future donations are planned. A small portion of sales from DudeCapz Beanie Store may also be donated to this organization.

A few words from David Thrift about why donating to The Trevor Project is important:


Young people matter!

Suicide is serious, and it should not be happening with anyone, especially our young people. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. We are all wired differently. What does matter is that people are accepted, shown tolerance, and treated equal, which is a fundamental right we all should be granted, especially here in the United States where we are supposed to be the greatest nation on planet earth.

Donating to The Trevor Project for me as a gay man and small business owner, is the best way I know of to show support to the LGBT community, because community starts with our youth. All of my life from the time I hit first grade in school I’ve been begged to donate to children’s charities supporting primarily and presumably the straight community. I still donate to them from time to time. However, knowing from experience what a gay person in his or her young teenage years can go through, from parental judgement, or even abandonment, to sibling judgement and ridicule, to peer pressure, to self realization and acceptance, to wanting to be accepted by society, I know these are not easy things to wade through at a young age. But I also know that life does get easier as we grow older and let go of caring so much what another person thinks of you. This is why The Trevor Project is important to me, and is where I choose to donate to the most. They have trained specialists on duty around the clock ready to offer support to any youth in distress. That is very important. It is important to me because there was no such service available in my teenage years.

I have been there myself. I have been through the suicidal thoughts. I’m one of the lucky ones. I was stronger. I realized that everyone who had a problem with who I am can go fuck themselves, and I survived. Others need help.

I urge everyone to donate what you can to The Trevor Project. Your donation just might be one that helps to save a young persons life.


American Red Cross, Children’s Miracle Network, March Of Dimes, Salvation Army, Wikipedia (not a charity, but donated for it’s resource value).


It is against DudeCapz Beanie Store, and it’s owner’s policy to send any donations to religious or political affiliated groups.

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