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Hi! I’m David Thrift, the owner here at DudeCapz Beanie Store. I’m the guy who makes all the awesome beanies you see around here, and I’ve got something to say about bigots who have a problem with male hookers… (I’m referring to crocheters 🙂).

For those who don’t know, women are not the only ones who enjoy craft activities such as crocheting, knitting, or even cross stitching, sewing, etc. There are tons of men from many walks of life, in the United States, and around the world who enjoy these activities, and have done so throughout history. A lot of straight men, and gay men alike enjoy these activities.

You are invited, and encouraged to use the following links to head over to Google, where you will find plenty of articles with information on men who crochet, and men who knit.

Acceptance and equal treatment of others is not a hard thing to do. I don’t know who started the stereotype that these activities are “women only”, but it needs to stop. I know from first hand experience throughout my life that there’s a lot of ignorant men (and even women) who seem baffled over a man fumbling with a ball of yarn… some to the point of straight up bigotry and unacceptance, as if it’s something less than masculine… as if it’s their business to judge in the first place.

We’re not all made to be mechanics. We’re not all made to be creatives. Those types of people who judge men for enjoying textile activities need a reality check. Perhaps they can get it from the links I provided above.

If you are a man, do not be discouraged from taking up one of these awesome activities. It’s like riding a bike. Once you learn it, it stays with you for life, and is always something you have to fall back on if everything else fails. Working with yarn is very rewarding, relaxing, and productive.

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I’ll keep this as short as possible. A lot of people think that gay men just magically chose one day to be attracted to other men. WRONG! It doesn’t work like that. I can assure you as a gay man, I did not just wake up one day in my early years and decide that I’ll go out, and suck a dick to see if I like it. Then if I like it, that’s just how I’ll be for the rest of my life, so that I can be judged and looked down on all my life by some members of my family and society. Why would anyone “choose” a life like that? That is a stupid ass belief that someone just chooses to be gay, especially considering there are a lot of stupid ass people that really just need to use some common sense. I’m not even going to bring into these statements how ignorant I think everyone’s religious beliefs about this topic is… I mean after all I am trying to run a small business here… Oh wait, I already said it though didn’t I? Ooops 🙂

So since I said that. It’s my belief that people choose religion as a coping mechanism to avoid interaction with people they don’t understand based on idiotic and uneducated ideas taught to them by the ignorant and uneducated before them (their parents for example). People do not choose a sexual orientation. If you believe that, then when if you are straight, did you choose to be straight? Also for some of you dudes out there that question how can a man like another man’s hairy ass? Well all I can say is that SURPRISE, not all mens asses are hairy, or as hairy as you like to imagine (key words – YOU like to imagine). Also SURPRISE again, not all gay men are into anal sex, but I can tell you a lot of straight men, and women are. If you need proof just check here.

Please stop the judgemental bullshit. You look crazy!

Acceptance, tolerance, and treating others equal is all you have to do.

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