MUDPIX OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY (MOP aka MUDPIX MAGAZINE) is photography by David Thrift – yes the same guy who makes your favorite beanies here at DudeCapz Beanie Store.

I have not been actively promoting my outdoor photography a lot for quite awhile. I am putting a change to that hopefully by integrating this new photo series here at my crafts and store site (

MUDPIX OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY gets it’s roots planted in time as far back as around 2003. I began regularly spending a lot of time at some of the parks around West Point Lake. I would go walking, or hiking.

Some few years later as cellphone technology advanced, and cameras started becoming mainstream features built into them, I began taking photos with my cellphones. That’s what sparked my interest in digital outdoor photography. Back then however, digital cameras, especially those in cellphones were not high quality, so I only took a few photos here and there, but I didn’t really start saving photos until 2013 when more focus was starting to be put on higher quality cameras. Finally in 2016, I bought a nice Cannon bridge zoom camera, and over time I have taken thousands of outdoor photos with it up until 2020.

A lot of things happened in 2020 from the Covid pandemic, to a job change which took up all of my time (no complaints – I made good money). Not being able to get out on my day trips to the lake like I was doing so regularly, and taking up interest in other things, is why I haven’t been promoting my photography so much as I mentioned.

Now in 2021 during this summer I have decided to try and make some effort to get myself out to my favorite outdoor locations and get back into my photography.

Starting this series out, I have 1 photo for viewing. I will add 1 photo each time I make a trip to this location.


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