Photo credit: This photo by: KAL VISUALS.

This page lists all pages and posts within this website. These lists are automatically updated as new posts or pages are added. This page is similar to the sitemap page, which does not include blog titles. You may ask why wasn’t the sitemap page set up the same way that this page is. Well that page was created first, and also sometimes all that is needed to see are the page listings.

This page has been created primarily for use by the website and store owner here at so that sorted lists can be made for specific content, and for quick assessment of how this website is growing, and it’s direction. You may find it useful when searching quickly for posts without having to dig through the blog. It is the website owner’s understanding that the post listings will show the most recent 100 blog post titles, and the page listings will show all pages on this website.



Photo credit: This photo by: KAL VISUALS. Note: On this page is the first time I’ve ever put two “featured” images. The one at the top, and this one down at the bottom of the page. I liked these photos because they are obviously from the same location and time period that this photograher took them. So they make a matching set of sorts. I won’t hide the fact also that his body looks amazing in these photos. Don’t you agree?

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