This check-in is for Friday, July 30th, 2021 starting at 12:15 AM CST.

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MUDPIX OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY (MOP aka MUDPIX MAGAZINE) is photography by David Thrift – yes the same guy who makes your favorite beanies here at DudeCapz Beanie Store.

I have not been actively promoting my outdoor photography a lot for quite awhile. I am putting a change to that hopefully by integrating this new photo series here at my crafts and store site (

MUDPIX OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY gets it’s roots planted in time as far back as around 2003. I began regularly spending a lot of time at some of the parks around West Point Lake. I would go walking, or hiking.

Some few years later as cellphone technology advanced, and cameras started becoming mainstream features built into them, I began taking photos with my cellphones. That’s what sparked my interest in digital outdoor photography. Back then however, digital cameras, especially those in cellphones were not high quality, so I only took a few photos here and there, but I didn’t really start saving photos until 2013 when more focus was starting to be put on higher quality cameras. Finally in 2016, I bought a nice Cannon bridge zoom camera, and over time I have taken thousands of outdoor photos with it up until 2020.

A lot of things happened in 2020 from the Covid pandemic, to a job change which took up all of my time (no complaints – I made good money). Not being able to get out on my day trips to the lake like I was doing so regularly, and taking up interest in other things, is why I haven’t been promoting my photography so much as I mentioned.

Now in 2021 during this summer I have decided to try and make some effort to get myself out to my favorite outdoor locations and get back into my photography.

Starting this series out, I have 1 photo for viewing. I will add 1 photo each time I make a trip to this location.


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Photo credit: This Photo by: Ramón Salinero.

Flea markets have been around for decades. These are places where vendors, crafters, antique dealers, and more gather to provide a very eclectic shopping experience for buyers looking for great deals.

For many years I have wanted to build an online directory where buyers can find the best flea markets in their state or across the United States. I never got a chance to take on such an endeavor.

Now in 2021 as I am returning to my crafting roots, and building my beanie store, I still have an interest as a blogger to build some sort of resource connecting buyers with flea market locations.

So the way this is going to work (because of time constraints in my schedule) is that I’m going to search Google and gather all of the best articles related to flea market locations. Essentially I will be linking to other websites that have already done the research and work.

By doing that, I can give you a list of the best articles on this topic to review so that you don’t have to plunder through Google for these articles.

What I get out of this is doing something I love, which is providing information. Also this gives me a break when needed from my crochet and knitting for my beanie store. And furthermore, this keeps me connected to my interest in blogging.

Let’s get started with articles related to flea markets in Alabama.

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This check-in is for Saturday, July 10th, 2021 starting at 12:01 AM CST.

Photo credit: This photo by Sarah Janes.

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