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NOTICE: I am slowly moving this directory from this website over to my TATER TOTS ON SUNDAY blog. This reason for this is because I have decided to remove all content on this website that isn’t specifically related to my beanie shop at DUDECAPZ BEANIE STORE at Storenvy. In a short time, this directory will no longer exist on this website. Please update your links if you are linking to my directory. Thank you.


I love to share websites that I discover to offer useful information and resources, or that are just interesting to browse. This directory within DudeCapz.com is maintained to bring you organized links to these sites. On this page, the links you see below will take you to posts on the blog where you can find the sites recommended for you. The links below are organized in the order that they have been posted to the blog and the list will update each time I add a new post to this section of the website. A future update will include a page where these posts will be manually listed in alphabetical order.

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