Photo credit: This photo, by: Artem Bryzgalov, from this tag search on Unsplash.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for assistance regarding purchases from DudeCapz Beanie Store at Storenvy with the contact information below, or send a message using the contact form provided. You may also send me feedback about the store, or this website. I also welcome any content recommendations you may like to see me post here on the blog as I am an avid blogger and am always looking for new content ideas.

NO SOLICITING! – – – and it’s owner maintains a strict NO SOLICITING policy. Please do not use any contact methods or information below for soliciting unasked for services. I don’t need any video intros, no voice-overs, no seo, nothing! Contact requests for these things or similar will be promptly deleted and ignored.


David Thrift, owner of and DudeCapz Beanie Store.


PHONE: (706) 225-9449

Phone is for text messages only! Do not call that number. I do not answer calls. It is a Google Voice number I acquired for messaging only. You can send a text message any time. I try to respond as soon as possible.

CONTACT FORM – Fill in with all information to send an email directly from this page. Please allow 24-48 hours for response.

Send Me A Telegram

I can be contacted on the Telegram app. You can connect with me here —> @dudecapz

Snail Mail Me

P.O. Box 1024
Opelika, Alabama 36803

My post office box is open to gift cards, post cards, birthday cards (my birthday is in September), packages, samples (such as t-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc. – size 2XL – because I like loose clothes), and publications (no religious or political propaganda please). Any samples and publications you send may be posted as a promotion on my blog as a thank you. I would prefer that you contact me via email, or the contact form above before sending any samples to let me know what you may have interest to send. Monetary gifts such as gift cards sent to my post office box cannot be used toward purchases in my beanie store. Gift cards are just that, and are appreciated. If sending a gift card, Walmart, Target, or McDonald’s (ok so I like the Big Mac – don’t hate!) is best. Any clothing samples sent to me will be modeled by me at my discretion, and a photo of me doing so along with your store information will be posted to the blog. That’s free promo for you, and a nice shirt or hoodie for me.

I have some nice photos of my post office and my box that I’ll post here later where I go to pick up my snail mail, and ship packages from my beanie store.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

NOTE: You do not have to, nor is it expected that you send me anything to my snail mail box. It’s up to you. Such action is considered completely voluntary and unrelated to my beanie store. Sometimes people like to send things in the mail. As an artist and content creator, I always like to, and appreciate to receive things. It keeps me motivated to keep creating. I will be posting my wish list links soon.