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This website at DudeCapz.com is your destination on the internet where you can find news about the latest handmade products I’m creating and have for sale in the DudeCapz Beanie Store at Storenvy. Since I love blogging and sharing information, this website also serves as a place where I can share content about interests I have other than knitting, crocheting, and crafts. These interests include photography, web surfing (I love discovering, and sharing useful and interesting websites), sometimes promoting other small businesses, art, music, and more.

Since by the title of this website (DudeCaps Beanie Store), It should be obvious that the primary focus for this website is to promote and sell my handmade products. I want this website to have more character than that however, because I consider myself an artist and creator, and I think maybe some of my customers might like to see content representing other interests that make me who I am.

This page has been added to the website so that I can give viewers a heads up about content I am working on for the site, or ideas that I might like to do at some point. It also serves as a reminder to me, so that I don’t forget these things. It should not be taken as a promise that any of the ideas I have below will be published on my blog. I may change my mind about some of these ideas, or put some things off doing for an extended period of time. For other bloggers out there who may find inspiration by one of my ideas for your own blog, I say go for it.

BEANIES BEANIES BEANIES! – Always more beanies… and soon cowls.

APPS & SOFTWARE – I’ll be sharing apps and software that I use as my daily drivers for getting things done in my digital work.


FAN PAGES – It might seem odd to add fan pages for music artists to a website that was built to advertise and promote handmade beanies, but then looking at it from that perspective, I suppose one would wonder why did I bother posting all the other non-store content that I habe. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for years – build a website featuring fan pages for music artists, and actors that I love. So why not add some fan pages to my blog here on this website? I don’t see how it could hurt. Might even be good for search engine traffic, and because I’m in my 50’s now, I might be able to connect younger generations of people to aome good music I grew up listening to.

FLOWERS – I love flowers. I own a flower directory which tells about all kinds of flowers. I want to use that directory to start a new blog series to show and tell about flowers. Idea listed on Saturday, July 10th, 2021 @ 3:14 AM CST.

COLLECTIONS OF THINGS – I’m a collector of trinkets – pins, buttons, button pins, surprise toys from Kinder Joy Eggs (I have to seriously limit myself with these because they’re fun to collect and I love the surprises), and some other things. I think it would be fun (even if somewhat embarrassing) to start a blog series at some point, showing photos of my collected treasures.

RECOMMENDED MUSIC ALBUMS – I’ve been listening to music for a long time, and I know a lot of great albums. I also discover a lot of good albums on Spotify. I’m going to start a blog series about these albums and the ones I recommend.

SAQUARO CACTUS – A photo series highlighting photos of saquaro cactus… I don’t know why, but I developed a slight fascination with these types of cactus awhile ago.


STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY SIGNS – I have an idea to create high resolution photographs that contain artful lettering of phrases, quotes, and other things such as musician, and celebrity names. These will be given away for free to build viewers on my website. It will also give me an opportunity to discover and use some new creative fonts.

TUBI MOVIES – I’ve been watching movies on Tubitv.com for awhile… since around March or April 2021 I think. If you don’t know, Tubi is a website that is ad supported where you can watch movies for free, and I enjoy being able to watch these movies at no cost. Many of the films are low budget movies, but I’ve found several of them enjoyable and entertaining to watch, especially when I’m slaving over my laptop to do my website work. This series will highlight the movies I watch. I admit that I will be posting this series mostly for myself, but some of you movie fans out there may appreciate it.

USA DIRECTORY – This section of the website is going to list links to information where places such as attractions, amusement parks, flea markets, museums, planetariums, city parks, state parks, national parks, dams, rivers, lakes, mountains, caves, and waterfalls can be found across the United States.

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