Happy 4th of July!

This check-in is on Sunday, July 4th, 2021 @ 7:29 PM CST.

I was planning to check in earlier today with this post, but I got lost in my schedule, and so, well, late is better than never.

It’s my first personal check-in on my blog here at, and if this is your first visit to my website and hat shop, welcome, and thank you for stopping by. I am grateful for your visit.

This check-in will be brief. I just wanted to say something regarding our amazing country today.

I hope that today on our Independence Day in the U.S.A. is a day you’ll cherish and celebrate your freedoms in the United States, not just with fireworks and cookouts, but really taking a moment to yourself if you are a citizen of this country to be grateful to live your life freely as the person you are.

As a United States Army veteran, I take my freedoms seriously. Not just because I served our country, but because I have been to other countries while in service, and have witnessed with my own eyes that there truly is no other nation on earth as wonderful as the United States Of America.

That was all I wanted to say about that.

I will be checking in on the blog like this more in the future. As of today, I’m not sure if this will become a weekly scheduled thing, or if I will just pop up on the site randomly. Until I decide, I’m just going to wing it, but I definitely have an interest to bring some personality to this website, so you will see me again soon like this.


That is it for this post. Again I thank everyone who visits this website, reads my content, shares my content, and most especially those of you who buys my handmade products and supports my small business.

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