Photo credit: This photo by: Andrew Haimerl was used for the backdrop. The Madonna overlay was a png image with transparent background provided for this Ebay listing by Ebay seller, mikmac2004.

This post is from my EBAY SHOPPED AND DROPPED blog series. In this series, I feature items that I wanted, but didn’t purchase. These are like wish list items in a sense. Photos in this series belong to the store owners from which I found in Ebay listings.

Item listing: [link]

Seller: [link] – Based in United Kingdom, mikmac2004 has been an eBay member since Jan 08, 2000.

There were lots of rare Madonna memorabilia in this sellers item list.

Discovered on Thursday, July 15th, 2021.

Reasons I would have wanted this item: It’s very rare. It’s also very iconic as Madonna memorabilia. The shock factor of displaying this in my home would be awesome and probably hilarious. Nobody would expect me to have this standing somewhere in my home.

Reasons for not purchasing: Too expensive for me at the time, or the price was higher than I wanted to pay at the time. Also I didn’t want this item to become something I would regret buying after a long period of time. I used to own a Tim McGraw full size stand-up display that I bought from a Walmart store in or near Killeen, Texas in 1994 (I think) while I was stationed at Fort Hood. I owned the display for many years, then I got tired of looking at it, and either gave it away, or threw it away. Now I wish I had never thrown it away. Who knows what that thing might be worth today.

Seller’s Description: Official 1992 Erotica 46″ promotional only in-store stand used in selected UK Stores to assist in promoting the Erotica release and to promote the Sex Book in some book stores and featuring the iconic Madonna Bejewelled Body Stocking Image. Made in very limited quantities for promotional use only over 27 years ago & seldomly seen. Measures H = 46″; W = 25″ [Free standing with easel stand on back]. Edgewear and corner creases with a few knocks and stains , common with use in-store. In Very Good Condition (see images).

There were 4 very similar images provided for this item by the seller, however I’m only including one of them in this post. See photo below.

FUN QUESTION: What are the odds that you would ever see Madonna and Tim McGraw mentioned in the same blog post?