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This check-in is for Friday, July 23rd, 2021 starting at 12:15 AM CST.

It’s my 20th personal check-in on my blog here at, and if this is your first visit to my website and hat shop, welcome, and thank you for stopping by. I am always grateful for every visit.

I have been checking in here on my blog since Sunday, July 4th, 2021, and since that day, my check in posts here serve as my social media because I do not post my content on social media networks other than Twitter. My Twitter posts are generally updates only about this website, and my beanie store. If you would like more information about why I stopped posting on social networks, see CHECKING IN 002.


4:02 AM CST – Good morning, and good day to you! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing ok this morning. I’m in my home studio getting work done as usual lately for an early Friday morning. If you haven’t seen the latest updates around the website and the store, please check the UPDATES page. As usual I will be posting updates to this check in as well throughout the day if I have anything important to tell, or just feel like jibber jabbering about anything or nothing.

This evening I go to work at my day (night) job, so updates may be a little slow tonight. Since my last check in yesterday, I went to do my weekly shopping. I went to Dollar Tree, and then I went to Walmart. I bought mostly groceries, but I also bought some personal home needs items. I also invested in some plastic gemstones to add to my collection that I started last week. They will be used for some random mosaic art. Then I came home and have been up all night until now getting some new updates made around my website. I’ve gotten a lot of updates around the site done this week, and I’m happy to see this website filling out more and more. I’m also happy to see my beanie store growing.

7:59 PM CST – I’m currently eating dinner at work (a frozen meal as usual as has been the case for several weeks now – it will do). I’m working on some new blog posts as time permits tonight, and I’m going to get some crochet work done tonight also.

10:51 PM CST – I’m enjoying my shift at work tonight. I’ve gotten some crochet work done. I’ve got some more I want to do. I feel like listening to something. Maybe an album on spotify, or find a podcast to check out. I recently heard about a podcast app called Pocket Casts that I want to check out.


That is it for this post. Again I thank everyone who visits this website, reads my content, shares my content, and most especially those of you who buys my handmade products and supports my small business.

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