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This check-in is for Saturday, July 24th, 2021 starting at 12:15 AM CST.

It’s my 21st personal check-in on my blog here at, and if this is your first visit to my website and hat shop, welcome, and thank you for stopping by. I am always grateful for every visit.

I have been checking in here on my blog since Sunday, July 4th, 2021, and since that day, my check in posts here serve as my social media because I do not post my content on social media networks other than Twitter. My Twitter posts are generally updates only about this website, and my beanie store. If you would like more information about why I stopped posting on social networks, see CHECKING IN 002.


12:17 AM CST – Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing well. I’m doing my weekend work thing. I’m also getting some crochet work done tonight. I have finished a beanie, and I will be getting started on the body section of another one I have to finish. Earlier tonight I posted a new photo in my “ARTIST AT WORK” series. Check that out if you like “behind the scenes” type photos to see me working on the beanie I mentioned that I finished tonight. I’ve also posted a new CROCHET IN THE NEWS post to the blog tonight. It’s all about recent crochet fashion trends, including men’s shorts. I think I mentioned already that I bought a new circular knitting machine, but I don’t think I mentioned that I’ve gotten notice that it’s on the way.  Originally it was scheduled to arrive this coming Tuesday, however I have an early delivery email saying that it will arrive early this morning. That’s awesome news if it happens.

2:41 AM CST – I am settled down for awhile to get some crochet work done… And watch something on YouTube.

4:32 AM CST – I’ve just finished a productive crochet session. I almost finished the body section on a new wip. I’m gonna work on some blog posts for the remainder of my shift.

5:50 PM CST – A great day so far! I got home after work this morning. I spent some time catching up on collecting some art images I recently mentioned I was working on. I also did receive my new circular knitting machine today. I was happy to see my package placed on my porch by the front door. I did not have time to open the box before I had to get back to work this afternoon. That’s ok… I’ve got 4 days off coming up in this next week. That starts the day after tomorrow, and I can’t wait. I will have plenty of time to give the new machine a try.

7:10 PM CST – Time for dinner.

11:40 PM CST – I’m having a great shift at work tonight. All is quiet (always a good thing). I have not gotten any crochet work done tonight so far. I’ve been too busy with work, and being fascinated by tonight’s beautiful full “buck” moon. See my new moon phases photo series for info on the above photos I took tonight. –


That is it for this post. Again I thank everyone who visits this website, reads my content, shares my content, and most especially those of you who buys my handmade products and supports my small business.

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