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This check-in is for Sunday, July 25th, 2021 starting at 12:15 AM CST.

It’s my 22nd personal check-in on my blog here at, and if this is your first visit to my website and hat shop, welcome, and thank you for stopping by. I am always grateful for every visit.

I have been checking in here on my blog since Sunday, July 4th, 2021, and since that day, my check in posts here serve as my social media because I do not post my content on social media networks other than Twitter. My Twitter posts are generally updates only about this website, and my beanie store. If you would like more information about why I stopped posting on social networks, see CHECKING IN 002.


12:51 AM CST – Good morning! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing great, thank you. In fact, I’m doing really great tonight. Tonight we have the full “Buck Moon” moving across the sky, and it’s been beautiful. Here in Alabama, the weather has been great tonight (although hot – no complaints, except for the bugs flying around), so I’ve had a clear view of the moon all night. I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I have not gotten any crochet work done tonight, but I’m not going to sweat it. I drove myself a little crazy last weekend because I didn’t crochet much then either. My website is still in it’s beginning phase, and I’ve had to make myself realize that I’m not always going to want to, or have the time to crochet, even if I had already planned to spend the night doing it. I still have about 5 hours at work to go so I still have plenty of time to crochet after I get all of my blogging done that I want to do.

1:00 AM CST – If you have followed this website and my blog, thank you! I do pay attention to this, and I will be going through my followers list in the near future to follow back any blogs I find interesting. It’s all a process for me. I have to be in the mood to sit down and actually look at the blogs. I love discovering interesting blogs, but I’m busy with other things right now… Things like blog series for my photography, crocheting and crafts, art, building my beanie store, and trying to work through a HUGE yarn stash I recently bought to make beanies for my store.

2:33 AM CST – I still haven’t done any crocheting tonight. I just been chillin’. I guess I feel lazy on that topic, but my phone will be neesing charged soon, so I might get some of that work done then.

2:52 AM CST – I’m thinking about creating an official header image this coming week when I’m at home in my studio for my check in posts. Something that can help build recognition for my website and beanie store.

5:01 AM CST – I’ve got 1 hour left on my work shift and then I get to go home, chill out, and get some sleep. I’m extremely happy about getting a lot of updates done around my website all through the night, and watching the beautiful full “Buck Moon” go across the sky all night has been nice.

5:35 AM CST – I have just re-discovered an old instagram account I ran previously when I was running my first beanie store about 7 years ago. I’m not going to tell what the username is. Instead I’m going to archive the content from it on my website, and then I’ll make my decision on whether to keep that account, or delete it. Maybe I will repurpose it.

6:13 AM CST –  I didn’t want to do it, but I had to go to the store this morning I needed new shoes.

4:33 PM CST – It is hot today! It’s 90 degrees outside right now. So I went to the store this morning because I needed some new shoes. I didn’t buy expensive shoes. Just needed something comfortable to walk in for work because I have nearly worn the soles off my last pair. That’s why I don’t buy expensive shoes. I wear shoes out faster than anything else. You could ask some of the t-shirts in my closet that I’ve been wearing since 2006 or before if you need proof lol. Anyway, have I mentioned that I recently bought a Vivitar brand action cam? I got it on clearance for $25, and while it’s not the newest technology (the specs on the box call for Windows 7 lol – which means that camera had been in the store for some years), I’m hoping to put it to some good use to record some videos to put up on YouTube.

5:03 PM CST – So yeah as I was saying about the Vivitar Action Cam (I don’t have the specific model info with me right now), I am learning how to use it today. Yes I have snapped a few pics and a short test video at home after a opened it about a week ago, but today is the first day that I’ve actually taken it outdoors, put it on a tripod, and left it to record some video. It is currently sitting on the ground near a highway, recording traffic, and hopefully some cool clouds in real time. It’s going to be like an ASMR type video. I like to watch traffic, and I love watching the clouds. So my plan is to record about 3 hours of that and see how it turns out. I started recording my video at around 4:20 PM CST, and then I went out to see how the camera was doing after about half an hour, and I accidentally stopped the video. When I looked at the camera, the screen on it had turned off. It apparently is a power saving feature for long period recording. That’s smart, but I didn’t realize that until after I tried to turn the camera on, only to discover that it was already on, and had to still be recording when I picked it up. When I pushed the power button, a blue image with the word “Goodbye” appeared, and then the camera turned off lol. I almost got mad, but like with anything there is a learning curve, and I am one of those people who sometimes learns best by my mistakes. I started a new recording at 4:56 PM CST. So when I go back to check it in a few hours and get ready to stop the video, I’ll just tap the camera button and see what happens. The camera’s highest video setting is 1080p at 30fps. I don’t think that’s a bad deal for $25 dollars, and now I have a camera to record videos with, that isn’t my phone. It also records in avi format or mov, so I don’t think I’ll have a problem uploading to YouTube other than having to wait for a long and large video file to upload.

8:55 PM CST – I retrieved my Vivitar Action Cam from the highway awhile ago. I don’t believe the battery in the camera is any good. It definitely did not shoot video for 3 hours, and it was dead that time when I picked it up. I will try to remember to check the SD card in it tomorrow to see how long the video shot for.

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